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How We will Amass 60 Million Votes      

We expect it will take a vote total of 60 million in the presidential election for a Patriot candidate to win the presidency. Winning the presidency would reflect an awakened public in which we will also likely gain control of the House of Representatives. The following analysis explains from where the votes will come.

New Voters – 15 million: Over 60 million Americans (about a third of eligible voters) habitually don't vote. Some do not vote because they are not smart enough to be interested or they are in survival mode from being sick, dirt poor, or drug dependent. However, most do not vote because they are disgusted.

They know the system is corrupt and self-serving. They sit on the sidelines because they are fed up with the two destructive monopolies that pose as political parties.

If we can awaken and motivate just one quarter of them to participate one time and help us change the system, we will be one fourth of the way to our goal. The good news is they are ready to take action. This is their one opportunity to change the system they claim to despise.

We expect a greater than anticipated turnout because getting involved just this one time will justify a lifetime of inactivity. People will say the Patriot Revolution gave them a reason to get involved – that their history of non-involvement was the result of the disdain they had for a corrupt and ineffective system.

Note: Do not underestimate the power of “justification” as a motivational factor.

Independent Voters – 25 million: About 50 million citizens regard themselves as “Independent Voters,” having no allegiance to either monopoly. Technically, they are “Unaffiliated Registered Voters.”

Note: We typically refer to them as “Independents” even though that is technically not correct because there is an actual political party called the “Independent Party.”

“Independents” do not want to be associated with either the Democratic Party or Republican Party. They typically determine the outcome of elections depending on which way they vote.


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