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Comparing the Parties      

We have assembled a comparison chart to help members and visitors differentiate between the parties in 2016. It contrasts the Patriot Party® with the Democratic Party and Republican Party.

The other political parties are not included in the graphic because they are not relevant in the coming elections. Some are narrowly focused (like the “Green Party” and “Reform Party”). Others are based on a flawed ideology (like the “Communist Party” and the “Libertarian Party”).

Analysis: Like the Patriot Party, the Libertarian Party is a legitimate “Third Party” and a true alternative to the Democratic and Republican Parties. However, the Libertarian Party is fundamentally flawed because it is founded on an ideology as opposed to science. Unlike science, ideologies work only some of the time.

To illustrate, the slogan “Liberty through limited government” equates to the ideology “limited government is best.” Minimizing government involvement works for every country regarding domestic issues (social and financial policy). However, it fails when applied to foreign matters, especially for America.

According to science, there will always be one entity in the world that the member nations regard (and revere) as dominant. If America abdicates its position of dominance, Russia, China or the United Nations will fill the void. Should that day come, the new dominant force will strip America of its remaining wealth.

To avoid this most unfortunate future, America must embrace its leadership position with pride and confidence. Unless we want to become a third-world nation, our military must remain awesome and we must maintain a strong world presence as the keeper of peace. In summary, science trumps ideology.

Contrasting the Political Parties

The parties not included in the graphic above are summarized in the chart below. They are arranged in alphabetic order.

Note: The definitions of “Sister Party,” “ Splinter Party,” “Third Party” and “Major Party” appear in the section “Strategies” located on the horizontal menu.

Party Name Party Type Splits Votes Key Characteristics
Communist Splinter Party Democrats Advocates equality among citizens regardless of contribution
Democratic Splinter Party Not Applicable Advocates socialist politics and practices to help lift up the downtrodden.
Green Splinter Party Democrats Save the environment
Libertarian Third Party Both Sides Founded on the ideology small government is best, including a small military world presence and abdication of America's leadership position to another entity - Russia, China or the United Nations.
Reform Splinter Party Republicans Advocates fiscal responsibility
Republican Splinter Party Not Applicable Advocates smaller government, strong military, and restrictions on personal freedom, gay rights and abortion
Patriot Third Party Both Sides Founded on science only (“Gravity Theory.” Therefore, policies are void of ideology, politics, tradition or religion.
Socialist Splinter Party Democrats Advocates minimum standards of comfort paid for by the wealthy
Tea Sister Party Republicans Republicans on steroids

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