The Patriot Party

The Patriot Party

Mission Statement

America is in trouble. The Democratic and Republican Parties have become ineffective from continually chasing after money and power. Despite their promises, they will fail us again.

Without intervention, fiscal collapse and social implosion are certain. The Patriot Party® was formed to come to the rescue. Although our immediate motives are survival and love of country, our mission to restore America is necessary to achieve an even greater end. The ultimate goal of Patriots is to sow the blessings of America so everyone may enjoy freedom, the opportunity to prosper, peace among nations, and a healthy environment.

As the world's dominant nation and best hope for humankind, a strong America is necessary to achieve “the ultimate goal.” Unfortunately, America has been in a steady downward slide for decades. With the national debt continually escalating and social problems getting broader and deeper every year, America and our civilization are heading for disaster.

Happily, a breakthrough in science (called “Gravity Theory”) promises to resolve America's social, financial and political problems, making the ultimate goal possible. The Patriot Party® will apply Gravity Theory properly and at once. As America regains its footing and achieves even greater heights, nations worldwide will become compelled to follow our lead.


by way of 8 inescapable facts and conclusions (in blue).

Fact 1:

Every elections cycle the Democrats and Republicans promise change, and our faith is renewed. Unfortunately, like a drug addict, their thirst for power in a corrupt system compels them to fuel their dependency at the expense of America and its citizens, including our children.

The Democratic and Republican Parties have failed us for decades. They may have good intentions, but do you believe things will change?

With the national debt approaching 18 trillion dollars, we are literally running out of time. We must be realistic. We simply cannot afford to give them yet another opportunity to fail. Simply put, voting for Democrats and Republicans assures the end of America and our civilization.

We must never vote for another Democrat or Republican again.

Fact 2:

Some people believe the way to peace and cooperation among nations is for America to relinquish its position of dominance. They argue that, with parity among nations, the global community will work together and get along as one big happy family.

Although an attractive proposition, their premise is flawed. Nations are comprised of people, and deep within our DNA we are programmed to search for, recognize, and revere dominance.

Note: Our addiction to sports and the need to rate and rank everything proves we are not comfortable until dominance among us is established, acknowledged, and acclaimed.

Consequently, as America's level of dominance diminishes from acting weak or disinterested, nations are sure to become ambitious and aggressive, making the world evermore dangerous.

Note: We see the same wrestling for power in nature. If the dominant male is strong and steady, the other animals of the group go about their business in peace and with harmony. If the dominant male shows weakness, the contenders become restless. If the demonstration of weakness continues, at some point a contest will ensue, with the outcome determining who is to lead.

World conflict is assured in the absence of a dominant nation.

Fact 3:

If America fails, civilization will implode, resulting in the loss of freedom, luxury and technology. Moreover, a reordering of nations will occur. World conflict will cause untold suffering. Millions of innocent people will die from disease and malnourishment. Then, after the dust settles, another dominant nation will emerge. Imagine if the new leader is China or Russia or the United Nations…

For the sake of humankind, America must not fail.

Fact 4:

Brute force without measure or reason is the characteristic of a bully. True dominance is revealed through performance excellence. As the world's dominant nation, America must be strong militarily. However, to demonstrate dominance, we must lead the world in education, innovation, and productivity. In addition, we must perform as an enlightened people guided by an impeccable moral code. This is not a wish list. These are the conditions for world peace and prosperity.

America must become regarded as the Atlantis of the 21st century.

Fact 5:

To be effective in building a strong America, Congress needs to know how to inspire citizens to become responsible, self-sufficient, law-abiding, service providing, taxpaying members of society. Unfortunately, in the 1960s, ignorance, circumstance, greed and malfeasance by the American Psychological Association (the APA) caused Congress to adopt the wrong theory of human nature.

The wrong theory of human nature is known as “Spring Theory.”

Spring Theory is the belief that social ills (such as poverty, bigotry, bad parenting and deficient education) weigh on us like heavy baggage. According to Spring Theory, social ills compress the intrinsic “human spring,” pushing citizens ever downward until they falter and fail. It follows that, if government alleviates the social ills (removes the “baggage”), the internal “human spring” will push citizens upward to their natural predisposed elevated state.

Unfortunately, Spring Theory is the wrong theory of human nature. Consequently, public policy and social programs shaped by Spring Theory don’t free citizens, enabling them to “spring up” as intended. Instead, they make citizens comfortable and therefore lethargic. The tragic adoption of Spring Theory is why so many citizens today are lazy, complacent, uninspired, inactive, unproductive, fat, entitled, and disgruntled.

Note: Applying Spring Theory to public problems is analogous to using the wrong equation when doing math. (You get the wrong answer every time.)

Bad science is responsible for America's steady decline.

Fact 6:

Our exploding national debt and pervasive climate of dependency are more than indicators Congress has been applying the wrong theory of human nature. They are a lethal combination. If we do not change course immediately, America's reign as the world's dominant nation will end. The consequences of failure are unthinkable — much greater than most people realize.

Spring Theory must be retired at once.

Fact 7:

Independent researchers have discovered the missing theory that explains human nature.

Note: The science of Psychology has operated without an official theory of human nature since its onset over 100 years ago. In the 1960s, Spring Theory filled the void when its application proved to be profitable for psychologists who counsel patients. Over the decades, having never been challenged, Spring Theory became the de facto theory that explains human nature.

The newly discovered theory that explains human nature has been given the label “Gravity Theory” because it suggests the true nature of human beings. Similar to using the correct equation when doing math, the application of Gravity Theory will resolve every public problem and social condition, saving America and our civilization by averting collapse and implosion.

Gravity Theory must be adopted and applied universally.

Fact 8:

Forty-five essential policy measures have been grouped into ten “Planks” that comprise the Patriot Party® Platform. The forty-five policy measures that comprise the Patriot Party® Platform are not arbitrary because they are founded on science. If we pick and choose which policy measures to implement, we would be guilty of playing politics rather than do what is best for America and humankind.

“Politics is debate in the absence of science.”

Don Magyar                                  

When applied, the Patriot Party® Platform will put America back on the road to health and longevity, assuring our leadership position in the world. As America regains its credibility as the one true dominant nation, all others will follow, resulting in a peaceful and prosperous world.

We must apply the Patriot Party® Platform in its entirety.